CyberWatch West

The mission of the CyberWatch West Center is to increase the quantity and quality of the cybersecurity workforce throughout the western United States. Our vision is committed to improving the quantity and quality of existing cybersecurity resources and building upon these resources to develop effective training and teaching modules. By concentrating on student development; professional development; and curriculum development, revision, and dissemination, CyberWatch West incorporates effective outreach efforts to raise awareness and build viable partnerships among academia and industry. CyberWatch West is focused on building a comprehensive network of higher education institutions, businesses, and government agencies dedicated to developing and maintaining a robust cybersecurity workforce. CyberWatch West is committed to providing a forum for improving the quality and increasing awareness of cybersecurity issues in educational and industrial communities throughout its region.

Presenter: Stephen Miller, Professor/Director Cybersecurity Center of Excellence/CoPI, CyberWatch West