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Building Bridges: How Social Career Learning Networks Can Scale Career Readiness and Create New Pathways from Education to Employment for First-Generation Students

College career centers are under mounting pressure to evolve. Recent data from the Gallup-Purdue Index shows 40% of recent graduates never visited their college career office, and only 17% of those who did found it very helpful. First-generation students and transfer students were least likely to use career services. First-generation students lack job search support and have lower job-search success rates compared to non-first-generation students. At the same time, first-generation students are expected to account for an increasing share of four-year enrollments. Social career learning networks can help first-generation students acquire job search skills, build social capital, access on-demand job search assistance, and communicate competencies to employers. Learn how InterviewUp is positioned to help career services make a scaled and lasting impact for first-generation learners.

Presenter: Dave McNasby, CEO ThinkOptimal, Founder InterviewUp