IT Career Lab

In 2012, National Able Network launched IT Career Lab, an accelerated learning program for aspiring information technology professionals. IT Career Lab offers a multi-certification path with the opportunity for job-seekers to earn globally-recognized, highly technical credentials from both Microsoft and Cisco. IT Career Lab, which has trained approximately 400 students since its inception, has a 93% completion rate, and 88% certification attainment rate, and an average starting wage for graduates of $18.37 per hour. The program effectively addresses a growing need for IT professionals throughout various geographies, helping nearly 100 businesses fulfill their hiring needs. As an alternative to the typical “bootcamp” style training models, this innovative program was designed with the direct input of employers seeking to hire IT professionals. As a result, the program focuses on ensuring students fully comprehend the technical concepts and skills taught over the course of the 16-week program, as well as complete the program with a minimum of one industry-recognized credentials in-hand.

Presenter: Matt Weis, Senior Director, National Able Network