MARi – Closing Whole-Person Skill Gaps at Scale

Many employers maintain that the real skills gap is not just the technical skills which are changing rapidly and which they can teach more precisely.  It’s also the essential skills like dependability, teamwork, and basic workplace communications that are equally important.  MARi uses a unique combination of data aggregation, feedback tools, a 3rd party privacy-based eco-system, and intelligent analytics to build a whole-person profile that individuals, schools and employers are using to close gaps toward a whole-person profile of a job, certification or skill.

MARi has been used by paid and pilot customers over the last three years. MARi is on track to have 100,000 6-12th grade students on the platform for the 2017-2018 school year – building a deep-skill repository and creating an appropriately skilled pipeline of students for the 21st Century Workforce.

Come hear how MARi’s intelligent skill repository is helping students build deep lifelong skill profiles that can match over 50,000 data points to local and regional employer requirements.