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Close It Showcase Presentations


ACT is an international, mission-driven, nonprofit organization with more than 50 years of experience generating data-driven assessments and research. As a trusted leader in the testing field, ACT is known for developing high-quality assessments that determine college and career readiness and provide the most advanced measures of workplace skills.


Affirm is an innovative financial technology company that offers services meant to empower consumers to advance their financial well-being. Today, Affirm partners with companies to offer instant and fair installment financing at point-of-sale, allowing consumers the flexibility to make simple monthly payments for their purchases and better manage their monthly budget. In education, Affirm financing helps educational service providers and employers increase consumer access to high quality educational and professional development programs from PAN   
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Founded in 2000, PAN is the leading provider of talent measurement solutions to help organizations of all sizes hire, develop, and retain the right talent. AmIJobReady is designed to close the skills gap by combining soft skills training videos with a professional readiness platform. Check out our 2-minute video at

Burning Glass Technologies

Burning Glass Technologies is a leading developer of web-based labor market analytic and job matching applications for the education and workforce sectors. Our technology analyzes millions of online job postings from over 40,000 sources, providing real-time intelligence on jobs and skills in demand to inform program design and expansion, employer outreach, and career services.


BusinessBlocks is a venture-backed online education company focused on small business. Our program is the MainStreet MBA, which combines practical online curriculum with business coaching and a modern toolkit. It is designed for the 28 million small businesses, who are often excluded from traditional education opportunities, funding sources and support systems. As such, small businesses today face challenging odds of success – 50% will fail in 5 years. Our goal is to empower small business owners with the training, tools and network necessary for them to succeed and live their American Dream.


• Stretch your valuable competency based resources – CASAS
• Accurately assesses workplace-related basic skills
• Measures and reports literacy and numeracy EFLs
• Assesses, profiles and certifies work readiness skills
• Supports placement into training programs and jobs
• Streamlines collaboration with adult education partners
• NEDP – Offers applied performance high school diploma program
• NEDP – Based on real life and work competencies for postsecondary training and the 21st Century workplace
• NEDP – Assesses competencies aligned to College and Career Readiness Standards


Credly is a leading digital credential platform that allows organizations and individuals to recognize, communicate and track verified achievements. Credly seamlessly integrates with hundreds of applications that schools, employers and associations use every day. Organizations using Credly issue portable and secure digital credentials that recognize and delight earners, gaining actionable data and insights about how and where those credentials are being used.

CyberWatch West/ENMU-Ruidoso

CyberWatch West is an Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Center funded by the National Science Foundation. It strengthens cybersecurity education and the workforce through mentorship, industry collaboration, and faculty, student, and curriculum development. Located at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, WA, CyberWatch West focuses its efforts on a fourteen-state region of the western United States.


Degreed is an award-winning learning platform built for the way today’s workers really build skills and grow their careers. We make it easy for you to integrate, curate and personalize all your learning and development. So everyone in your organization can discover it, share it and track it. However and wherever they learn.


Firsthand builds platforms that connect students and alumni for career advice. We let alumni give back as mentors while students and young alumni get on-demand career conversations, resume critiques, and mock interviews from experienced professionals. Our students are 18% more likely to graduate into full-time employment and command 22% higher starting salaries. Our students and alumni also go on to become more engaged alumni overall. We serve 120 leading universities, including Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge.


What is Fishtree anyway? Whether you build lessons, design courses or need insight into knowledge gaps across a district, institution or organization, you can use Fishtree. We simplify personalized learning.

FiveStar Development, Inc.

In business since 1997, Five Star delivers innovative technology plans and solutions — quickly, efficiently, and comprehensively. With hands-on business experience and extensive technical knowledge, Five Star has a unique ability to swiftly target the heart of the problem and introduce innovative solutions. Five Star’s clients range from entrepreneurships, corporations large and small, higher educational institutions, economic development firms, and nonprofit organizations. Visit for more information, email or call 412-802-2500.


FreshHire brings integrity and peace-of-mind to the recruitment process, by delivering verified on-demand pre-employment assessments. For candidates, FreshHire provides the opportunity to prove what they know through competency and skill-based assessments. For HR managers, FreshHire filters quality employment-ready graduates, and integrates the seamlessly into all major ATSs, connecting the right candidate to the right role, at the right time. FreshHire is a product of Verificient Technologies, a firm specializing in continuous identity verification and innovative cloud-based technologies.


InterviewUp is a mobile career development platform that helps people demonstrate marketable skills and connect with opportunity.


iPPRENTICE matches mentors with iLearners’s seeking educational training in the IT field. iPPRENTICE provides a work based learning platform for mentors to validate iLearners skills and knowledge. The iPPRENTICE platform brings together, educational institutions, employers, mentors, and apprentices. iPPRENTICE also provides apprenticeship opportunities for its iLearners in participating companies.


Metacog is a learning analytics API-as-a-service platform that uses learner-generated metacognitive event streams analyzed by machine learning algorithms. It powers competency-based environments by making it cost-effective to embed frequent formative performance tasks – so you can measure competency by what learners can do instead of what they can memorize. Metacog also provides insight into learner behavior within traditional modalities (read a document, watch a video, take a quiz).

McGraw-Hill Education Learning Science Platforms

As the global leader in adaptive learning, McGraw-Hill Education Learning Science Platforms transform 3rd party content into dynamically personalized learning experiences. Every course built on the platforms creates a data layer that powers not only personalized learning but also tailored instruction and agile authoring. Refined by millions of students and thousands of authors, the platforms are highly scalable and backed by McGraw-Hill Education brand and services.


Pairin enables workforce readiness programs and employers to predict and develop behavioral performance. They were named one of the 50 coolest new businesses in America by Business Insider, and are partners with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Workforce Data Initiative and Opportunity Project. Try it yourself at


Practice is an interactive video platform that scales the development of skills that require practice to learn and demonstration to assess. Practice offers a patented, multi-step learning process developed through consecutive National Science Foundation research grants aimed at scaling training and skill development. Created by educators, the key components of the platform mimic the most effective face-to-face instruction: deliberate practice, peer interaction, self-reflection, and coaching


pymetrics is the next generation career search platform. Using big data, neuroscience and machine learning, we are reinventing the recruiting industry by recommending optimal career paths to job seekers and helping companies hire smarter. We assess cognitive and personality traits using a series of fun and quick neuroscience games, making it easier than ever to understand where your inherent characteristics can lead to success.
Be a part of the future of self-discovery. Find your fit today.


At Revature we recruit, develop and deploy the next generation of technology talent enabling our corporate partners to succeed and grow. Our mission is to create a pathway where university graduates with diverse backgrounds can build the knowledge, skills and abilities to reach their potential as technology professionals and leverage those talents to contribute to the growth and success of our customers. Revature successfully serves a wide range of Fortune 500 enterprises, government organizations and top systems integrators. Learn more at


RightSkill is an innovative partnership program between CareerBuilder and Capella Learning Solutions designed to bridge the growing talent gap in the US. The RightSkill program offers a new approach to talent acquisition by pairing real-time labor data with competency-based education to build a new supply of job-ready talent.

Smartly by Pedago

Pedago is a new educational technology startup that’s disrupting online learning. Our team, with many former Rosetta Stone executives, engineers, and product leads, brings together premier experience in the educational technology industry from around the world on a mission to change education!
Our experienced team is applying similar principles that changed the language learning industry forever. We are changing education more broadly through our highly interactive Active Learning and bite-sized Microlearning methods, teaching entire curricula dramatically faster and more effectively than the dominant passive learning methods of lectures and online videos. And we are available anywhere, anytime.


StraighterLine, an innovative, low-cost, online college course provider, combines a $99-a-month course subscription with guaranteed credit pathways to accredited degree programs. Saving students up to 60% on the total cost of their degree, StraighterLine takes the worry out of credit transfer with a College Savings Network of 100+ accredited colleges that guarantee acceptance of StraighterLine courses. is the simplest, most efficient way to learn. Over 30 million students a month use our online courses and study tools to master any subject. Study. com’s animated videos bring concepts to life and provide an easy, low cost way to improve grades, earn college credit and close skill gaps. was founded in 2002 and remains a privately held company located in Mountain View, California.

The Game Agency

The Game Agency’s mission is to radically improve corporate training and marketing outcomes by engaging and activating audiences with the power of play. We deliver video games, contests, and prizes to help corporate companies tell compelling stories, create meaningful engagements, reward audiences for participation, and analyze user data. We primarily service Fortune 500 companies in the entertainment, lifestyle, finance, healthcare, sports, and technology industries and aim to deliver experiences that people can’t help but enjoy.


TrueCred™, by Accreditrust Technologies, LLC, delivers sustainable trust through verifiable and portable digital credentials. Accreditrust proves a credential’s authenticity, who issued it, and to whom it belongs. TrueCred™ is a SaaS solution for processing standards-based, tamper-proof credentials and allows credential providers to focus on issuing secure digital credentials rather than complex technology. Accreditrust Technologies, LLC is the only global service provider for the curation of sustainable, portable and independently verifiable credentials.


We are on a mission to employ each and every American with a credential in the trades, by flipping recruiting on its head. Employers search for the right candidates on our exclusive network of credentialed professionals, which we source directly from training institutions. We link education to employment and give employers access to a qualified, yet previously untapped talent pool.


Workbay is an interactive workforce development platform that links recruitment, skill building and career navigation into one comprehensive network, deployed both online and as a mobile app. It was developed to inform, educate and develop job seekers, while directly connecting them to employers, career pathways and jobs. Employers use the network as an applicant management system, that provides a better, community-supported system to engage job seekers. Workbay provides a unique solution to help close the workforce skills gap.