2018 Austin Agenda


(Minor details in agenda subject to change - website will update if changes occur.)
Monday - Pre-Summit

WKKF Foundation Family Centered Employment Meeting

Year Three Kick-off Element Hotel Meeting Room – private meeting for grantees only

Lone Star Riverboat on Ladybird Lake:

Join this Austin classic pre-event for great networking with attendees and speakers of this year’s Close It Summit. DON’T BE LATE – BOAT WILL LEAVE BEFORE 6:00PM
Tuesday - Day 1

Close It Kick Off

Welcome to Close It 2018: Future Meets Now
Parminder Jassal
Jamai Wallis Blivin

How to Think Like a Futurist

Tap into the world of futures thinking and tune-up our brains for the next two days.
Marina Gorbis

Future Force #1: Equitable Futures

A conversation about education’s role in creating greater economic equity and social mobility. 
Dylan Hendricks
Marina Gorbis

Look Back to Look Forward

On-stage discussion on the importance of history in the understanding the future. Introduction: Mike Marriner, Road Trip Nation. Key Note: Dara Warn, Penn Foster.
Mike Marriner
Dara Warn

The View: Equitable Futures

Perspectives towards a better future.
Laura Lai
Kelem Butts
Katherine Bihr, Ed.D.

Economic Mobility – Building Inclusive Pipelines

Introduction and panel discussion.
Charles Tsai
Elyse Rosenblum
Dr. Patrick Michel
Erika Bucaro
Russell Krumnow
Audrey Williams-Lee

The View: Credentials

Welcome back to mainstage and introduction to afternoon focus.
Holly Zanville

Future Force #2: Beyond Credentials: Shifting Authorities, Fragmented Credentials, and Future of Assessment:

A conversation on the fragmentation of credentials and certifications, and the rise of alternative signaling systems for individuals. 
Michael Taft
Felix W. Ortiz III
Sara Skvirsky
Lisa Koleda Tenorio

The View: Future of Assessments

Expanding on the discussion – deepening and adding perspectives from the Schmidt Foundation,  Rethink Education, and Pairin.
Matt Greenfield
Kumar Garg
Michael L Simpson

Discourse: The Future of Assessments

Moderated discussion with diverse perspectives and practices.
Fadekemi Adetosoye
Kathleen deLaski
Lois Johnson
Shane Keller
Jamai Wallis Blivin

How to Navigate the Future

Arm yourself with the tools to develop the skills to navigate an uncertain future. We will be releasing a report on AI forces shaping work and learning in 2030. Download...
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Jessica García-Kohl
Holly Zanville
Jeff Finkle
Parminder Jassal

Signal Solutions Spotlights: Hear from companies that will inform, inspire & educate you – the Future is Now.

Catalyte  |  Credly  |  Cristo Rey Network  |  CNM  |  Ed2Go  |  Dassault Systems  |  GPS Education Partners  |  Genesys Works |  Interplay Learning  |   PAIRIN   |   Pymetrics   |  Southern...
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Signal Solutions Reception + Roofdeck Networking

Solution Signal Spotlights Part 2: Join the Signal Spotlights on the rooftop for more collaboration and information from spotlight participants.
Wednesday - Day 2

Morning Welcome & Recap Day One

Close It, Founder, Jamai Blivin, starts the day and recaps day-one. Framing the day in Austin in work from Workforce Solutions Capital Area.
Tamara Atkinson
Jamai Wallis Blivin

The View: Lens to the Future

Hear from our morning keynotes about their look into the future. Welcome and Introduction by Dr. Kazique Prince. The View: Mayor Steve Adler.  
Mayor Steve Adler
Kazique J. Prince, Ph.D

Future Force #3 Beyond Organizations – New Models for Getting Things Done:

Explore how new ways of working will change the pace of business and innovation, empowering organizations to be more diverse, dynamic and distributed.  Features voices to including new funding models...
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Jomayra Herrera
Ashley Beckner
Jake Edwards
Marina Gorbis

The View: What’s Your Role

Robin Boggs
Gerald R. Solomon

Work+Learn Futures

Journey into the future of work+learn. Hope Clark will Socialize Working Learners and present the Work + Learn Futures Framework. Ginger Gossman (TX Higher Ed Coordinating Board-Innovation) will respond to the Framework from a state higher...
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Ginger Gossman
Hope Clark Ph.D
Parminder Jassal

Work+Learn Futures: the Future Rhymes with the Past

Moving from “learning to work models” TO “work and learn networks”.
Garrett Groves
Brian Fleming
Gracie Vega
Parminder Jassal

Taking Our Influence Out

Explore our spheres of interest/influence/power, shifting to action and tapping into the collective power of community.
Virginia Hamilton
Sara D. Watson
Katherine Bihr, Ed.D.
Ben Brown

Networking and Post Event Happy Hour

Stay for open collaboration and networking. Short walk to Uncle Julio’s.