2018 Austin Agenda


Monday, October 15th, 5:30-8:30 Lone Star Riverboat on Ladybird Lake ~ Join this Austin classic pre-event for great networking with attendees and speakers of this year’s Close It Summit. Be sure to register for this! (Minor details in agenda subject to change - website will update if changes occur.)
Day 1

Close It Kick Off

Welcome to Close It 2018: Future Meets Now

How to Think Like a Futurist

Tap into the world of futures thinking and tune-up our brains for the next two days.

Future Force #1 Equitable Futures

A conversation about education’s role in creating greater economic equity and social mobility.

Looking Back to Look Forward: A Nation at Risk to a Nation Upside Down:

A conversation about past predictions and new assumptions for future disruptions. Experts will guide us through the past promise of the education system, where are we today, and what have...
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The Power of Community, Austin: Where the Future Meets Now:

Austin’s 3.4% growth in jobs makes it the second best performing in the U.S. How do cities assure they are working for a work+learn economy to include integrated technologies for...
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Future Force #2: Beyond Credentials: Shifting Authorities, Fragmented Credentials, and Future of Assessment:

A conversation on the fragmentation of credentials and certifications, and the rise of alternative signaling systems for individuals.

Signal Solutions Spotlights

Genesys Works | Credly | Ed2Go | Pymetrics | Catalyte.IO | GPS Education Partners | PAIRIN

How to Navigate the Future What:

Arm yourself with tools to develop the skills to navigate an uncertain future.
Day 2

Lens to the Future:

Hear from our morning keynotes about their look into the future.

Future Force #3 Beyond Organizations – New Models for Getting Things Done:

Explore how new ways of working will change the pace of business and innovation, empowering organizations to be more diverse, dynamic and distributed.  Features voices to including new funding models...
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Disruptive Futures:

Connecting the Future of Technology with Learning

Solution Signals Spotlights

York Solutions | Cristo Rey Network | CNM | Interplay Learning | Inquire ED | Study.Com | UnCommon Construction

Work+Learn Futures:

Journey into the future of work+learn.

Taking Our Influence Out:

Explore our spheres of interest/influence/power, shifting to action and tapping into the collective power of community.

Brazos Hall Rooftop

Stay for open collaboration and networking.