2020 Speakers

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(Speakers in Random Order)

Carlos O. Turner Cortez

President, San Diego Continuing Education

Kari Keefe

Founding Executive Director, KC Social Innovation Center

Philip Jordan

Vice President of BW Research Partnership | Executive Director | the Economic Advancement Research Institute

Luther Jackson

Program Manager, NOVA

Joe Morgan

Vice President, University Partnerships, Pearson Online Learning Services (POLS)

Eric Bing

CEO | The College of Health Care Professions

Casey Welch

Co-founder + CEO. Tallo

Bryan Alexander

Futurist & Researcher

Mel Brown


Derek Williams

Youth Fellow, Innovate+Educate

Steven Gonzales

Interim Chancellor, Maricopa County Community College District

Julian L. Alssid

Founding Collaborator | Chief Marketplace Engagement Officer, Social Tech, Inc.

Mike Dulworth

President and CEO, Executive Networks

Kevin E. Drumm

President, SUNY Broome Community College

Amyris Fernandez

UX Researcher & Strategist

Erica Barreiro

Dean, School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences | Central New Mexico Community College (CNM)

William Dowdell

Senior Director, KC Social Innovation

Esteban Venegas Villanueva

Director of Observatorio en Innovación Educativa en el Tecnológico de Monterrey

Joanne Cheng

Investor, Rethink Education

Albert Lewis, Jr.

Vice President of Economic and Workforce Development, Bellevue College

Ashley Putnam

Director of the Economic Growth & Mobility Project (EGMP). The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Michelle R. Weise

Author and Senior MichAdvisor

Michael Brickman

Senior Advisor, Office of the Under Secretary | U.S. Department of Education

Lisa Tenorio

Education & Learning for Unreal Engine at Epic Games

Lois Johnson

Director of Workforce Strategies, Workforce Development Institute NY

Dawn Baron

President | Passion Profits Consulting

Keith Wardrip

Community Development Research Manager, The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Lee Lambert

Chancellor, Pima Community College

Jordan Matheson

Director, HAVEN Addiction Refuge/ Frontier Alliance International (501c3)

Kevin Clark

Co-Founder of Content Evolution

Steve Cadigan

Founder, Cadigan Talent Ventures

Brandon Chrostowski

Founder, EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute

Landon Taylor, Jr.

Sales Account Executive, Nativo

Marina Gorbis

Executive Director, Institute for the Future (IFTF)

Andrea Backman

Chief Employability Officer | Strategic Education Inc. (SEI)

Mike Marriner

Co-founder, Roadtrip Nation

Sean Sullivan

Chief Human Resources Officer | Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Michael White

Regional Vice President of Sales, Rural Sourcing

Merrilea Mayo

Founding Collaborator | Chief Operating Officer, Social Tech, Inc.

Cindy Murphy

Consultant, The SHIFT Awards

Parminder Jassal

Founder | Chief Executive Officer, Social Tech, Inc.

Tim Kubik

Co-Owner, Project ARC

Ron Painter

CEO, National Association of Workforce Boards

Ben Brown

The Association of Young Americans, CEO

Peter Callstrom

President & CEO, San Diego Workforce Partnership

Edward Leach

Executive Director – National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development, The University of Texas at Austin

Katherine Bihr, Ed.D.

Vice President, Programs and Education for TGR Foundation

Christopher A. Lewis

Business Agility & Executive Coach

Nina Ladner

Senior Delivery Manager, Rural Sourcing

Dayna Laur

Co-Owner, Project Arc LLC

Dr. John Boudreau

Author & Professor

Marlene Garcia

Executive Director, California Student Aid Commission

Nathaniel Cole

American's Promise Alliance, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships

Mariam Adegoroye

Manager, WAVE Academy

Gerald R. Solomon

Executive Director, Samueli Foundation

Josh Copus

Director, JFFLabs

Monty Hamilton

Chief Executive Officer | Rural Sourcing Inc.

Toni Hopper Pendergrass

President, San Juan Community College

Kelly Middleton Banks

Manager of Program Implementation, National Association of Workforce Boards

Dr. Angela Jackson

Partner. New Profit

Holly Zanville

Strategy Director, Lumina Foundation

Ramji Raghavan

Founder + CEO, Pragya Systems

Karen Mickool

Consultant, The SHIFT Awards

Tracy Hartzler

President, Central New Mexico Community College

Nicole Trimble

Founder, Talent Rewire

Jasmine Hill

Writer, Educator, Organizer, PhD Candidate, Stanford University