2020 CLOSE IT Agenda

Upcoming Sessions

All times listed below are Mountain (unless otherwise noted)
Day 1
16 March 2021

The Future of Coming Together (Hub #10)

Led by Kevin Clark, this HUB is meeting to continue to explore The Future of Coming Together. Please email kevin.clark@contentevolution.net if you want to participate in these next sessions.
Kevin Clark
Day 2
18 March 2021

Career Mobility Design Session

HUB #2 – NovaWORKS and BWI Research Last month this HUB heard compelling stories of talented hospitality workers with drive, flexibility, and commitment but without access to viable career opportunities....
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Luther Jackson
Philip Jordan
Day 3
25 March 2021

Integrated Workforce Development: A Data-Driven Approach to Connecting the Ecosystem

Led by Bill Hughes with JobReady.me The group will share its work with 25 workforce centers in San Antonio to highlight challenges and opportunities in skilling up a 21st-century labor...
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Day 4
30 March 2021

The Future of Coming Together (Hub #10)

Led by Kevin Clark, this HUB is meeting to continue to explore The Future of Coming Together. Please email kevin.clark@contentevolution.net if you want to participate in these next sessions.
Day 5
8 April 2021

Tour de Tech #1

Stephen Rice, UpSkill Enterprises Mel Brown, Connection Pointe Casey Welch, Tallo, Inc. Joanne Cheng, ReThink Education
Mel Brown
Joanne Cheng
Casey Welch
Stephen Rice
Day 6
13 April 2021

The Future of New Mexico Schools, Teach for America NM

Join Dr. Gwen Perea Warniment, Deputy Secretary of Teaching, Learning and Assessment at NM Public Education Department and Apollonia Gallegos, Senior Managing Director of Experiences at Teach For America to discuss insights...
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Day 7
22 April 2021

Highlighting Programmatic Work

Miriam Adegoroye, WAVE Academies Eric Bing, The College of Healthcare Professionals Katherine Bihr, TGR Foundation Nathaniel Cole, America’s Promise Alliance
Nathaniel Cole
Mariam Adegoroye
Katherine Bihr, Ed.D.
Eric Bing
Day 8
27 April 2021

C Suite Townhall

Stride Learning
Day 9
12 May 2021

Previous Events

All times listed below are Mountain time zone (unless otherwise noted)
Day 1
29 October 2020

The Future of Work: From “Job Holder” to “Fluid Platform Worker”

This discussion with Dr. John Boudreau, a recognized worldwide leader in the future of work and organization will share his research and work, specifically with an overview of the effects of COVID on the Future of Work. 

Dr. Boudreau will also share with us his viewpoint to guide our thinking on:

Dr. John Boudreau
Day 2
12 November 2020

The Futures of Higher Education – Post COVID and beyond

Hear from Bryan Alexander, a futurist who wrote about the Future of Education in a pandemic scenario BEFORE COVID-19. Bryan shares his futurist view on where we are headed in...
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Bryan Alexander
Day 3
13 November 2020

From Incidentally Good to Intentionally Great

Rural Sourcing has been intentional in creating a diversity inclusion and belonging practice. Monty Hamilton is a leading tech industry CEO. Hear from him and his team how they built...
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Nina Ladner
Michael White
Monty Hamilton
Day 4
19 November 2020

UNMUDL: Reimagining the Learner & Talent Marketplace

Join Dr. Parminder Jassal, Julian Alssid, and seven top community college leaders who are founding colleges for Unmudl as they unveil the vision of this technology start up company.
Kevin E. Drumm
Albert Lewis, Jr.
Landon Taylor, Jr.
Christopher A. Lewis
Nicole Trimble
Marlene Garcia
Toni Hopper Pendergrass
Steven Gonzales
Jordan Matheson
Edward Leach
Tracy Hartzler
Carlos O. Turner Cortez
Lee Lambert
Erica Barreiro
Julian L. Alssid
Ramji Raghavan
Holly Zanville
Merrilea Mayo
Parminder Jassal
Day 5
3 December 2020

Why SHIFT Happened and What Now?

In 2018, Pima Community College released “SHIFT HAPPENS at Pima Community College”. Dr. Lee Lambert, Chancellor has always been one step ahead of where the puck is headed. Where does...
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Lee Lambert
Day 6
4 December 2020

What Comes Next: Future of Work in the Post-Pandemic World

We are honored to have the visionary Marina Gorbis share what comes next. As Institute for the Future makes the Future with their foresight, join Marina for their vision of...
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Marina Gorbis
Day 7
10 December 2020

Why Skills Based Hiring Matters by US Dept of Ed

In June 26, 2020 an Executive Order was signed for the Federal Government to replace degree-based hiring with skills-based hiring. What is the impact from this order and what is...
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Michael Brickman
Day 8
11 December 2020
Day 9
15 January 2021

Hub Learning Session: Triangulate! What Works When Working To Learn

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of where learning happens and what learners should “know and be able to do.” The old focus on delivering a standardized academic curriculum within the...
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Tim Kubik
Dayna Laur
Day 10
22 January 2021

The Future of Workers, The Future of Us

Join New Profit’s Dr. Angela Jackson in conversation with author Michelle Weise as they discuss Weise’s new book “Long Life Learning” and the importance of looking at life-long learning and...
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Michelle R. Weise
Dr. Angela Jackson
Day 11
27 January 2021
Day 12
28 January 2021
Day 13
29 January 2021

CLOSE IT Hub Leaders Coffee Conversation & Collaboration

Calendar invitations have been sent to Ideation Hub Leaders.
Day 14
11 February 2021

Hub Learning Session: Inspiration: Closing the Achievement Gap

Poverty presents significant barriers to persistence and completion of education and training programs. Often, the response is to modify such programs in ways that reduce their efficacy and lower expectations....
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Luther Jackson
Philip Jordan