2017 Close It | Shift Happens | Revolution

Chicago, IL

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2017 Program

The Close It Summit, now in it’s fifth year, is a unique venue for engagement where thought partners and industry leaders gain insights and understand the forces impacting the SHIFT in competency-based learning and employment ecosystems. Traditional pathways and education are no longer connecting workers to jobs, nor employers to workers with the right skills. Close It explores the many challenges bringing about the SHIFT and the landscape of players involved in creating pathways to high-value employment. Attendees include national CHRO and CLO leadership, industry alliances and national nonprofits working in the space and foundations funding the work.

  • Completion with a Purpose — seeks to increase the number of students completing college/postsecondary educational programs and enabling easier access to employment from education by measuring the value of college, engaging employers and applying innovative technology to enable economic mobility. Lead sponsor: Strada Education Network
  • Assess-Hire-Train-Advance — brings together top CLOs, CHROs and other industry leaders to share strategies bringing about the shift to competency based hiring and training. Key showcase participants will also present their innovations in employment technologies including assessment, training, hiring and advancement strategies with a focus on competency based options.
  • Opportunity Youth & Economic Advancement — brings together the large piece of work happening across the country around youth employment and the economic advancement of underserved jobseekers and incumbents. Strategies highlighted will include incumbent advancement, upskilling, youth employment and economic advancement work showing significant outcomes led by WIBS across the United States.