Future Skills Map / Get Fit for What’s Next

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You’ll face hurricane-strength forces: Crazy new forms of
money and crazy new ways to earn it. Genetic reinvention and
artificially intelligent everything. Bots swarming your online
parties and millions of people moving from one place in the
world to another. Actual real hurricanes that leave entire regions
in ruin, with new rules for rebuilding cities, states, and nations.
You’ve got to get fit if you’re going to wrangle these forces,
and this is your Future Fit workout. It’s a training circuit that will
build 15 super skills you’re going to want to master to prepare
for just about anything the future has to offer. You’ll see the
effects right away: More confidence in your own future and the
choices you’re making today. More options for making a living
and making life what you want it to be. More connections with
folks who can and will help you through thick and thin. More
adventure in learning and working everyday.