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2019 CLOSE IT | Critical Shift

2019 CLOSE IT Critical Shift work | learn | tech Santa Fe, NM   2019 Agenda

2018 Close It | Future Meets Now

2018 CLOSE IT Future Meets Now Austin, Texas   2018 Agenda

2017 Close It | Shift Happens | Revolution

The Close It Summit, now in it’s fifth year, is a unique venue for engagement where thought partners and industry leaders gain insights and understand...
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2016 Close It | Shift Happens | Not Turning Back

The Close It Summit turns conversations into action. It creates a unique environment where business and education leaders, workforce and youth development innovators, social impact...
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2015 Close It | Demand More

  Three years ago we held the first Close It Summit, here at The Capital Hilton in Washington, DC. Since then, the conversation around demand...
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2013 Close It | Be the Game Changer

Welcome to the inaugural Close It Summit. Why are we all here? We all know the game is changing. Innovate+Educate decided in late 2012 that...
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2014 Close It | Jobs Madness

Welcome to the 2nd Close It Summit. Last year our theme was “Be a Game Changer”, playing on the theme of the film “Moneyball”, the...
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