The Future of Coming Together

The Future of Coming Together

Ideators: DistributED

The Future of Work we’ve been talking about arrived a decade early this year. This Ideation Hub will focus on what it means to come together in an age of pandemic, reduced budgets and less frequent travel. Conferences, Events, Meetings and Trade Shows (CEMTS) have had to postpone or rapidly adapt. The Future of Coming Together work group as a Close It Ideation Hub will...

The Learner – (Youth and Young Adult Voices)

Ideators: Association of Young Americans (AYA), YOUApp (

This HUB will create a learner and young adult voice around top issues in education and employment.  Learners from across the U.S will be invited to the HUB (at no cost) to voice their own views, needs, and solutions to ensure young adults’ visions are

Redefined Work to Learn Ecosystems

Ideators: Epic Games, Project ARC LLC, TBD

Physical and Digital Walls No Longer Confine Our Learning. This HUB will explore a new frontier for education, including exposure to industry and the future of work. The four walls of a classroom, or the walls of a building, defined the space previously reserved for education before March of 2020. Now, teachers, like their students, suddenly find themselves

The Future of Workforce Development

Ideators: National Association of Workforce Boards, Road Trip Nation

This HUB will focus on the changing nature of work, mostly from the view of people who are experiencing these changes. Technology advances have ushered in a new era of workforce development with a focus on

The Future of Organizations, Leadership and Work

Ideators: Executive Networks, AT&T, Innovate + Educate

This HUB creates a space for HR, Talent and other business professionals to share ideas for non-traditional hiring practices that rely on skills assessment, job requirements and necessary qualifications rather than traditional college degrees. The HUB will...

Connections Across Latin America, Spain, Portugal and More

Ideators: Observatorio de Innovación Educativa del Tecnológico de Monterrey – Director, Esteban Venegas Villanueva

From Alaska to Patagonia a single landmass unites us. This HUB will present the challenges, experiences and solutions implemented by Latin American educators, as well as providing an opportunity to connect and collaborate with...

The Global Future of Education and Learning

Ideators: Pearson and the Global Shift Council

Thinking differently on how learning happens! This HUB has a focus on the future of all learning – Lifelong Learning and ensuring an ecosystem for lifelong learning We know that learners continue their journey throughout their career(s), and through this HUB you will...