the Shift awards Application

Application Deadline - July 26, 2019
  • Directions

    Please complete the following application as completely as possible. We understand if your project is in the design or early implementation stages, you may not be able to answer all questions. Complete the application to the best of your ability as there will be awards that may recognize projects at those early stages, as well. Remember, winning submissions will be shared as part of an idea exchange on the Innovate+Educate and SHRM NM websites. You may submit supporting documentation such as training materials/descriptions, videos, program announcements, marketing materials, etc. All supporting materials and application must be submitted here. If you have questions please contact us at [email protected]
  • If you selected "Other" explain here:
  • Name of Partner Organization:
  • If not, how many employees benefit from the innovation?
  • If others outside of your organization will be affected, please explain.
  • Include partnerships with any internal departments and constituents (hiring managers, employees, legal, IT, leadership, etc.) Include partnerships with any external partners (community, education, or non-profit partners, industry partners, other employers, etc.)
  • Include response and support from leadership, employees, and/or the community, as well as who benefitted from the program. Also include the impact to the promotion of a diverse workforce (gender, minority, disability, veteran, formerly incarcerated, etc.). Describe Impact/disruptions to standard processes, resources, technology, budget, etc. Finally, include whether any other organizations have adopted your innovation.
  • Include how your organization will continue to use, evolve, and/or benefit from this innovation. Include information on how other organizations can adopt this innovation.
  • Supporting Materials

    Please submit any materials that you feel support your application.