Josh Copus

Director, JFFLabs

Josh Copus

Director, JFFLabs


Josh Copus is a director at JFFLabs and currently leads the AWAKE Initiative. He began his work at JFFLabs as an entrepreneur in residence examining the use of data and new technologies in the U.S. workforce system.

In his current role, Josh builds on that base of knowledge and develops strategies for JFF to lead workforce systems as they prepare for the future of work.

His skills and areas of expertise include:

  • Program design, development, and management
  • Strategic planning and organizational strategy
  • Budgeting and finance
  • Politics and public policy analysis
  • Community outreach
  • Nonprofit management
  • Federal and state government relations
  • Workforce and economic development
  • Public speaking
  • Association management
  • Technology
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Coalition building and grassroots advocacy
  • Fundraising, proposal writing, and new business development

Before joining JFF, Josh was the chief operating officer of the National Association of Workforce Boards in Washington, DC. He has also worked at the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, the Pittsburgh Technology Council, and a regional consulting firm in southwestern, Pennsylvania.

Whether serving as a national advisor helping people navigate the worlds of workforce development, emerging technologies, and public policy or working locally as an implementer, he pushes for practical solutions that drive progress.

Josh is a national speaker on topics such as workforce development and how technology is reshaping education, business, and work.

Explaining why he was drawn to JFF, Josh says that, while “there’s lots of talk these days about how the ways we work, learn, and live are changing, few leaders are embracing change or encouraging it within their organizations.”

JFF, he says, “is walking the walk and leading by example. I feel fortunate to be part of a brave team of people committed to their own transformation and that of workforce and education systems as we work together to empower all people to achieve their full potential.”

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