Submission Information

Design competition for classroom innovations in project-based learning. Win classroom grants up to $1,000 per TRIO!

Employers have been asking schools to meet employer needs for more than 100 years. However, the pace of change in the workforce is widening the gap between them. Designing with the end in mind does little good when teachers and employers hold different ends in mind! We wish to extend an open invitation for K-12 submissions that introduce us to stories of how learners, teachers, and technical experts are shifting learning. Submissions selected by the “Talent Trio” jury committee will be invited to make a short video to frame the challenge and purpose in Learning Sessions at the CLOSE IT SUMMIT led by Dr. Tim Kubik and Dayna Laur of ProjectARC. The answer is not another set of attributes, skills, and standards; it’s a collaboration among teachers, technical experts, and students to design learning that works for everyone!

What are YOU doing to link learning to work in K-12?

Submit your end of year projects now for recognition!

Submit your classroom story that represents a Talent Trio of student, teacher and technical expert!

Winners will be featured at CLOSE IT SUMMIT –
October 15-16 Santa Fe, NM.
Win classroom grants $1,000!

Apply Now

This year, CLOSE IT 2019 – Critical Shift: invites collaborative teams of students, teachers, and workforce technical experts to share an authentic, relevant, and complex project that closes the gap before graduation!

Who Can Apply?

Applications are welcome from pre-K to 12th-grade student teams, teachers, and technical experts. Tell us a story that shows how all three work together to learn. If your story includes a technology platform that facilitated your collaboration, that’s a plus!

How do You Apply?

We are utilizing an innovative online interview platform to record 3-minute interviews from each Talent Trio from any computer. The platform will accept upload of project presentation materials in PDF form to support the submission and will be required to do so when you set-up profile on the platform. Be ready with your pdf and record interview through our site!

Please follow this link and follow instructions to set-up profile, upload project pdf and record (and practice) interviews. If selected, additional video and interview content may be needed in preparation for CLOSE IT. Please save your interviews in a secure place for future access – we will not be able to download your interviews – they will be reviewed but not accessible to judges or users for later download.

Here are the interview questions:

  1. As a student, what were you trying to learn, and why were your investigations in this challenge relevant to you?
    2.  How did exchanges with teachers and technical experts help your learning? How did these exchanges empower you as a learner?
    3. As a teacher, what were you trying to assess and how did technical experts help you evaluate the learning in this challenge?
    4.  What did learners master while working to learn about this challenge, and how did working to learn help them grow?
    5. As a technical expert, how did you partner with teachers to support learning in this challenge?
    6. How did the learning in this challenge integrate with your workforce needs, and how might it improve your workplace?

Please email to, and we will assist you. Use Connexion Pointe to craft your story from these prompts to make a three (3) minute video. It’s easy!

When do You Need to Apply?

Submissions will be accepted beginning June 5th and must be received by July 5th, 2019.

What Happens When You Apply

A team of representatives from Close It, Connexion Pointe, and Project ARC will review the submissions. We’ll choose four (4) of the submissions, three runners-up and one winner, by September, 15th, 2019! All four will have their stories shared at CLOSE IT 2019. The winner will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to CLOSE IT 2019, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, from October 15-16th, 2019, to share their winning story with a national audience across the innovators in tech, education, workforce, talent acquisition, and research.